Nate ~ Arkansas Running Man

I've been running with Old Glory since March 13, all over the state of Arkansas. To keep everyone uplifted and inspired."

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“My main mission started back on March the 11th when COVID-19 hit Arkansas. That's when my whole journey started. It was placed in my heart when our town had a town hall meeting about COVID-19. I was trying to think of what I can do to help this community. I wanted my community to stay strong and stay uplifted, and God placed it in my spirit to pick up Old Glory and run.

I served in the U.S. Army Infantry from 1987 through 1995. Combat Vet. Served in Korea, Germany, Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Carson, Colorado, Fort Benning, Georgia. Love my military. Very proudly served, and I still serve even when I'm out because once a Vet always a Vet, once a soldier always a soldier. Old Glory is very close to me.

I've been running with Old Glory since March 13, all over the state of Arkansas. Northeast, southwest central, the largest town, the smallest towns. I've been doing it and I'm continuing to do it, to keep everyone uplifted and inspired. I've calculated over 882 miles, thus far, six pairs of tennis shoes.

All the towns love what I'm doing. In this trying time that we are in right now, people like to see something positive. Remind them, ‘This is our country, we’re better than this, we’re going to make it through this.’ That's why I care. I am so proud and I just love my country.

I'm born and raised in Arkansas, about 30 minutes south of here, my home, population 89 people. So very small, but we have the biggest hearts. Smallest towns have some of the biggest hearts. They are so warm and they give so much and look out for one another.

And I just love what I'm doing right now, inspiring not just people in Arkansas, but the entire United States. I have people all over the United States reaching out to me. People just love what I'm doing here, and it's touching people all over the country and that's what we need. There’s way more good than there is bad. That little five percent of negative, they don't speak for what we are as a country, so we're gonna be just fine. Everyone who's going through something, you're gonna be just fine. Stay uplifted, find that positive energy and feed off of it. That's what I'm doing here. That's what I'm doing and I love what I'm doing.

I love people. I love my country, and definitely love me some Old Glory. That red, white and blue says a lot. We really should be loving our country right now because the sacrifice, the ultimate sacrifice, has already been paid. Too much blood has been shed. So that's why we got to stand strong with the country now during these trying times.

But this is just what I do. I really do care. I really care about people and I want people to get back to loving one another, that's all we gotta do. Everything else will take care of itself. Get back to the basic humanity of loving one another from the heart. Everything else, title, position, politics, race, religion, all that, it will take care of itself. Get back to the basic humanity of treating people the way you want to be treated. We learned that as children, very small children, you learn how to be good, how to be kind, how to be polite. Our parents and grandparents, they taught us that as children. We gotta get back to it. I'm a human being, you're a human being. You look right at the heart of a person, and things take care of itself. It'll take care of itself. Always have, always will.” -- Nate #Arkansas