Liz ~ Remote Work

Since COVID, “my life has just turned into work . . . .

“My home has been my office for almost two years, so the working from home part is not that different, but it’s making me realize how much I valued going to my exercise classes, going to see my mom, or going out with friends, or just doing stuff. So that’s been really hard. And I found that my life has just turned into work, that I work all the time. I get up, make coffee, I get dressed and I come and sit down and work until seven o’clock. The result of that is that my business is growing. I enjoy my work, so it’s an easy habit to fall into. But, conversely, I’ve gained a ton of weight. I can tell, you know, that I am not really okay. My therapist is, well, sort of worried about me. I know it’s not good to see work as my only purpose, so I’m conscious of that, but at the same time it’s like ‘what else is there.’

The other major thing that is happening in my brain and affecting my day to day is that I am terrified for this country. I am terrified that either Trump is going to get elected somehow or refuse to leave or call his supporters to arms. I think that’s a loss of life and even more regressive policy. I am very afraid of that.

I used to think that people could change the system. I believed that we had the power to make change. Yet right now I don’t know if that’s true. I am feeling very disillusioned and angry, and scared of white men with guns. Nobody seems to be addressing that. I spend too much time on Twitter and Reddit looking at these awful comments and trying to figure out if this is a real person saying this or a bot. I am afraid that this country is going to get worse for anyone who is not an upper class white man.

I’m just disillusioned with a country that I thought was better than this. President Obama wasn’t perfect, but living in his America made me feel like things could be okay, that we could work together and make things better for all Americans. This Administration has shattered that for me." -- Liz #DistrictOfColumbia

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