Jackie ~ Hair Salon Owner

I really struggled with how to rebook clients once I reopened. Everybody felt they should be first . . . .”

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“I really struggled with how to rebook clients once I reopened. I have almost 300 clients. And, you know, everybody felt they should be first, and for good reason. The people who were cancelled right after we closed thought they should be first, the people who had standing appointments a week before we reopened thought they should be first. So I decided to raffle off my appointments and give the money to PORCH, which collects food for those in need. I expected to raise maybe 1000 bucks. I think 173 clients participated. The more tickets they bought, the higher up they got on my list. I raised $4,500 in the end.

In the beginning of the spring, though, I didn’t know how everything was going to work out. There was that anxiety of continuing to stay open as the number of COVID cases rose. There was so much unknown about the virus, and how contagious it was and how it was spread and what did it do and, you know, at that point in time we thought if we went and touched an apple in the grocery store that somebody else had touched we were going to get COVID. I stayed open until the governor shut us down. And actually, for about two weeks leading up to closing on March 25, I was already wearing a mask, making clients wash their hands, not double booking. I worked 10 days in a row in order to get everybody in, the writing was on the wall.

I had a lot of fears about shutting down my business. This is my sole source of income. I just got engaged and am the breadwinner in my family. I have a mortgage to pay, I've got mouths to feed. You know, I've got rent to pay. Turns out Salon Lofts was amazing and they didn't charge us rent while we were shut down. That was like a huge, huge burden off my plate.

And honestly, truth be told, there was a little bit of excitement about having some indeterminate amount of time to myself. For the last 11 years, the longest time I had been off of work was one week. One week. And so after about three or four weeks, I was kind of enjoying

it." -- Jackie #NorthCarolina