Clifford ~ Gun Store Owner

We had the ribbon-cutting last week and the paper said about 100 people came. They said it was the largest one Shamrock had ever had."

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“Before I opened this gun store last week, I had been the owner of a feed yard for 40 years. It was a seven days a week job. For 40 years. It was time to do something different. I’ve always had a gun, been around competition shoots and such, so I thought I would start up a gun store. I used my own capital from selling the feed yard to build this building and open the store. I had it built based on a picture I’d seen years ago of a building in Alaska. This is the first new building in our town in a long time.

We had the ribbon-cutting last week and the paper said about 100 people came. They said it was the largest ribbon cutting Shamrock had ever had. I really am glad I started the store, I enjoy working around people. And I know everyone here. They're all good law abiding citizens.

2020 has been a struggle, though, for everyone. The closures we've had, the hardships the restaurant owners have had. It's definitely something to worry about. We have been fortunate with regard to COVID here in Shamrock. We don’t have any active cases right now and we’ve only had about 25 to 30 cases since this started, with seven or so hospitalizations. All recovered, no one died.

We were under 20 cases here the whole time, so we never shut down. Places were open. But you know, it's been tough on people. I see these businesses struggling, these restaurants in town, and my heart goes out to them. There hasn’t been any indoor dining, but there was a lot of carry out. The restaurants are struggling because people aren't comfortable going into a restaurant to eat.

I can see more and more people starting to get where they want to get out. They're tired of being home, but they're still concerned. The last big event we had here in Shamrock was our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It was March 17 and so much had been planned already that it went ahead as scheduled. The town was full for it.

We are a close-knit community and we take care of each other. We always have and we always will. Now, that's what it’s like being in a rural area. You know, small town, small town America. God, family, and country. We’re all here to give to each other. If there's a problem, we all try to work it out. And you know it's hard to beat that." -- Clifford #Texas