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1 pandemic

12,000 miles

100 real stories

Who We Are Now: Stories of What Americans Lost & Found during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Michelle Fishburne did the unthinkable during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic: she motor-homed 12,000 miles all over the United States and sat down with hundreds of people face to face. People shared what their lives were like, what made them struggle, and what surprised them. 

The personal histories in this book show a diversity of American lives, from the young college student who finds unexpected fame on TikTok to a special-education teacher sharing the challenges of remote learning.

Everyone's story is different. Some, like Fishburne, lost their jobs. Others lost family, friends, and even their own health and well-being. And yet among the difficulties, many found something that had eluded them before the pandemic.

These testimonies offer a glimpse into what people across America lost and found during the pandemic's critical first year. Fishburne lets us hear people's stories as if we were there, in real time, at the beginning of COVID-19, when employment was uncertain, schools were online, and American life more unpredictable than ever before.

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“…a diverse array of voices from around the nation that add up to a compelling snapshot of America during a time of crisis and uncertainty…Together these voices point a way forward, out of the darkness toward the light.”

Kern Konwiser, Emmy Award winning filmmaker

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