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Sometimes life turns you upside down, dumps you on the floor, and asks “so what are you going to do about it?” That’s what happened to Michelle Fishburne in 2020. In January, she suddenly lost some of her hearing and most of her balance. In the COVID-19 spring, she lost her job as the national director of public relations and partnerships for an organization she really loved. In June, her youngest graduated from high school, making Michelle an official empty-nester. At the end of July, the lease on her house ended. Michelle moved all her stuff to storage because she did not know where she was going to work next, so buying or renting a house didn’t make any sense. 


No home, no job, no kids underfoot. That’s what she didn’t have.


An RV, a camera, curiosity, and years of storytelling experience. That’s what she did have.


And she had two other things that are kind of unusual. First, she and her kids had traveled the United States and Canada in an RV for over a year when the kids were in elementary school. Planning an itinerary and heading west on the open road was familiar to her. 


Second, her 2020 experience of loss enabled her to better understand how others might be feeling during this time. Kind of unusual for a person who used to be an international attorney, flying first class all over the world. Fortunately, though, life is not a straight path. The curves give us perspective.

And thus Who We Are Now was born. Ready to be inspired? Click here to read inspirational stories from Americans of all walks of life, all over the country.