Everyone's Got a Story

2020 has been a year like no other. COVID-19, lockdowns, unemployment, bankruptcies, online schooling, BLM, protests, Election 2020. It seems like too much all at once. Yet we are getting through it. That is what Who We Are Now 2020 seeks to capture — inspirational stories of ordinary Americans putting one foot in front of another during this extraordinary time. 

The experience has been unique for each person. Restaurant owners, musicians, medical workers, homeless people, yoga instructors, hairstylists, teachers. The list goes on infinitely.  

Who We Are Now 2020’s founder, Michelle Fishburne, is wandering across the country this fall to collect these stories and share them so we all can feel a little less alone in this sea of uncertainty. Some of the stories show people who are thriving, some show people who are leading their communities with innovative ideas, and some show people who are struggling each and every day.

So, have you wondered how people are making it through 2020? Follow Who We Are Now 2020 on social media to see new stories each day.

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